Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SNEAKER CON DC : Saturday, April 2nd

Sneaker Con is back and this time the shoe event will for the 1st time travel outside of New York and take place at the nation's capital, Washington, DC.  Since this is the 1st time that Sneaker Con is taking place outside of New York it is almost guaranteed a good time for sneaker heads of all ages. The convention will offer sneaker heads to get their hands on the newest, rarest and most coveted footwear out there.  to  is bound to be special with new sneaker heads sporting and selling some of the best the sneaker world has to offer.  For those unfamiliar with Sneaker Con it’s a shoe buying, trading and selling event for all ages.

This one day event takes place April 2 from 12 Noon to 7pm and will feature over forty vendors so that attendees can get there hands on some of the best sneakers and clothing out there. This is expected to be the largest Sneaker Con to date thus far. Since, I won't be able to make it Kavonna will checking out the scene and making sure we get the hottest and rarest shoes they are offering. For more information make sure you visit Sneaker Con online.

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