Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before the Blog There Was EASTBAY

(1st off thanks to Chev for letting me share this on his blog, hopefully everyone can relate in someway to my little female sneaker head memories.)
Today after looking at a million sneaker sites and blog posts, then checking my twitter and Sole apps on my phone, I walked to my mailbox to find a new Eastbay catalog waiting for me. I begin to reminisce about the good times before we had internet access at our fingertips, before online shopping and twitter feeds, all we had was the Eastbay catalog.

When I was a kid there was no sneaker head, especially not a female sneaker fiend nor a local sneaker boutique, all I had was my monthly catalog.For me it was my gift, for my parents it was a curse. Each month I would sit around and circle with my little red Sharper marker all the sneakers I wanted. Then I'd go to my Aunt's house and compare my picks with all my guy cousin's picks. Then every softball season my parents would order my new cleats, bag and bat for the season and I'd patiently wait for that box from Eastbay. I'm sure half of my birthday and Christmas list's came solely from these monthly Eastbay catalogs. For me those little catalog was my everything growing up, and probably part of the reason I'm the sneaker head I am, moreover it was those catalogs that started of my "she sole serious" lifestyle.

Shouts out to Chev for letting my share my view on his blog.

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