Friday, January 21, 2011

Chris Brown X Friends Define Style

Everyone has their own sense of style, including myself. Take a look at R&B Singer Chris Brown and a few of his friends; Swizz Beatz, Big Sean & Tyga, as they all describe in a "Mechanical Dummy" webisode, their individual "definition of style". 

Chris Brown:
"Most of the time when you think about style or dressing its basically what you bring to it. . the clothes don't wear you.. you wear the clothes."

"A lot of my fashion icons today are like Pharrell. Like he has a lot of incredible style and him being from Virginia you know thats always one of those kinda things that get the kids kinda excited. As far as me I was excited as a kid, like seeing him being able to kinda influence the world with his fashion and him being from the same place that I'm from, so that was kinda dope."

Big Sean:
"Style first of all is an extension of who you are, and it's just about that real high class fresh shit man, you know. .letting people know we got class too, real classy with it. I know how to step out in a Christian Dior suit. and doing it big. . you gotta know how to do that."

Make sure you check out Chris Brown's website to see what the other guys had to say about their definition of style. Also check back on the blog to get my thoughts and tips on "Style".

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