Monday, January 3, 2011

Sole Serious

“These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

Blue. Waffle House. All-Star Combo to be exact.  LSU Tigers. Shout-out to the 2007 National Champs. Big Ups to my boy Tyson, who now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Those are just a few of my favorite things. However, with my sneakers its a little harder to define. Matter fact, I really can’t tell you my favorite shoe, but the least I can do it give you my “Favorite 5”.
 Air Jordan 9 (IX) Original Release

Yes, the original colorway, no substitutions. In my point its the best Jordan of all time; yeah I said it. Moreover, its the only Jordan he didn’t wear in a game, that makes it unique. Also go visit his statue in Chicago, yep those are the 9s on his feet. Yeah, those of actually mine.
Reebok Pumps….Now the Reebok Pump Bringback

Nostalgia is all I feel when I see these. I had the blue, white and orange pump joints. Maan! I remember I use to pump those things up for everything. Then what I thought was impossible happened…..THEY POPPED. Not fresh.
Air Jordan 11(XI) Original Release Concord

My mom took me to the mall, and I waited in line at 6am. While my mom walked the mall, getting her exercise in, I waited. But, I was too far behind in the line, and I had to end up getting a smaller size! Determined to still be the freshest kid in school, I just took the sole out, and had the laces super loose. Don’t act like you can’t relate.
Nike Air Penny II Atlantic Blue Colorway

For my 11th birthday, right before Christmas I was lucky enough to receive these. Since they were mostly white, and got dirty so quickly, I would clean them everyday before I put them on. Then when I took them off, I’d grab my toothbrush and towel and clean them off again before I put them in the box. Yes at 11 I was that fresh.
Deion Sanders Diamond Turf Max ‘96 Black and White

In my opinion Deion is one of the best athletes of all time. This is one of my favorite shoe from him. These were sooo fly. They had his face on the sole, right on top of the air bubble. Fresh. I remember watching Pizza Hut and Pepsi commercials on tv, and seeing how fly Deion was with them on. That man was clean.
These are just a few of my favorite kicks, what’s yours? Until next time, this is Chev, ya neighborhood Sneaker Head

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