Sunday, June 5, 2011

GEAR: Bobby Fresh Clothing

Although June will be another good month for all the Jordan Heads, sometimes you wanna step out in a shirt that know one has. Sometimes wear another Jordan shirt with your kicks just wont cut it.You know myself and Killa K are always talking about how fresh my kick game is, but sometimes even I need to find that shirt that no one has. Killa K and I stumbled upon this site Bobby Fresh a few weeks ago, and Killa K has already bought herself a few shirts.

With the release if yesterday "True Blue" Air Jordan IIIs, you might want to check out the shirts on this site.
Here's just one of the shirts that's for sell.

My personal favorite:

Ladies, they even thought about you! Killa K loves this same shirt which the site sells in a white and red markup as well as a white and pink markup.

Check the site out, they sell men and women tees, zip up and pull over hoodies, stickers and various accessories.

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